Signs you may need a new Roof in Colorado Springs

Top Ten Reasons You May Need a New Roof at Your Home or Business in Colorado Springs

Reason # 1 Incorrect installation

If you do not hire a professional, your roofing may be installed incorrectly. If your roofing is installed incorrectly a multitude of problems may occur.

Reason # 2 Moisture or leaks in the roof

Moisture and leaks can occur for a number of different reasons. However, the moment you notice moisture or leaks, a professional roofer such as Integrity Roofing and Painting should be called out to assess the problem. Integrity Roofing and Painting of Colorado Springs will come out and give you an honest evaluation of the work that needs to be done to your roof.

Reason # 3 Animals, birds or insects

Animals can greatly damage a roof by making holes or pulling up roofing material. For example, wood peckers can make holes in the roof looking for food and raccoons will pull up shingles to find a food source. Insects such as termites or carpenter ants can chew on parts of the roof and cause holes in the roofing system as well.

Reason # 4 Standing water on the roof

Roofs are made to withstand Colorado Springs weather elements, including water. However, standing water on your roof can cause major damage and compromise your entire roof. Because standing water can become very heavy it can often cause structural damage. Although this is not likely with roofs that have a proper slope, it still can occur especially if a roof does not have a proper drainage system in place. Standing water can also cause the roofing material to quickly deteriorate and cause moisture to leak through the roof.

Reason # 5 Holes in the roof

Holes in your roof can occur for many reasons, but no matter the cause they need to be repaired quickly to prevent further damage or leaking.

Reason #6 Blistering or shrinking in the roofing material

Roofing material is made to withstand heat and moisture to an extent. However; excessive heat and moisture can cause blistering or shrinking in the roofing material which in turn can lead to leaks, cracks or gaps in your roofing system.

Reason #7 Poor ventilation

Ventilation from your roof or attic is very important to your roof’s sustainability. If your home or business in Colorado Springs has poor roof ventilation, heat and moisture can cause a multitude of problems. Rust from the heat or moisture can begin to rust the metal components of your roof, such as nails or flashing, which in turn can weaken their ability to withstand Colorado’s weather climate. Moisture can also cause the roofing to become “soft” which makes it easy for a roof to collapse. If you see cracking shingles on your roof, it may be a cause of poor ventilation which means your shingles on your roof are prematurely failing.

Reason # 8 Maintenance on the roof has not been performed or is performed improperly

Maintenance on your roof should occur a few times a year and after any major wind, hail, snow or rain storm. Professional roofers such as the ones at Integrity Roofing and Painting, can come inspect your roof properly to look for any signs of wear or any damage on your roof. If maintenance is not regularly performed damage could go unnoticed and cause a larger problem in the future.

Reason #9 Flashing is not properly installed or needs to be replaced

Flashing is a metal material placed on the joints of your roof that keep water from leaking into your home or business. Flashing on a house can begin to deteriorate when expansion and contraction occur with temperature changes. Flashing can also come loose due to high winds or incorrect installation.

Reason # 10 Overgrown trees

Colorado Springs is lucky to have beautiful large trees native to our state. While such trees make our state green and attractive, they also may pose a hazard to your roof if not properly maintained. If a tree is too close to the shingles of your roof it can cause your roof to deteriorate at a faster rate. The extra moisture and shade can cause algae and other growth to grow on your shingles and cause damaging problems. Tree branches that are close to your roof may also break, especially when a Colorado Springs snow storm occurs. Broken tree branches can easily damage your roof when they come crashing down.

Integrity Roofing and Painting can perform roof repairs and installations big or small at your home or business in Colorado Springs. Please contact us today for all your roofing needs.

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